Frequently Asked Questions

In order to place your first order you will would have to contact us with your company information in the contact form located in the "CONTACT US" page. Once your request has been processed you will receive an email containing a unique username and password associated with your account. Please log in and upload a retail certificate to begin placing orders.

Once you have successfully become a customer you will be able to complete the check out process by entering in your username and password. An email will be sent out when the order is processed and a representative from our sales department will contact you promptly with the details of your order.

Generally orders are typically processed the same day and our customers should expect a call the same day regarding the order you have just placed. 

Currently anyone who has a valid business license can purchase products from Value Distributors. We currently supply many cash & carry's , wholesalers , convenience stores and dollar stores nationwide.

You can arrange for your own transportation provider to pick up from our facility, if some business's need the orders delivered this can be arranged. Please contact us if any special shipping requests are needed. 

Customers will be granted the ability to count and inspect there merchandise to ensure 100% satisfaction, its the customers responsibility to report any discrepancies on the receipt prior to loading or on the drivers receipt at the time of delivery.